Residential Applications

Low-E™ Insulation Products have a variety of applications in the residential building envelope. From top to bottom they include but are not limited to: roofing underlayments, attic and interior wall insulation, crawl space and HVAC insulation, and carpet underlayment insulation, as well as an extremely efficient housewrap. All of these products in these applications combine to form a highly effective insulation system. This will keep energy consumption to a minimum and will offer you substantial savings over the life of your home. As you browse through our application section you'll see how you can start saving money today!


Why Low-E?

Green building is not just a trend, but the wave of the future as more and more homeowners and builders demand energy efficient homes and products. ESP® Low-E Insulation products are designed for maximum energy and cost efficiency. Whether it's under slab, under roof, around duct work or wrapping the entire house, ESP® Low-E Reflective Insulation saves more money on heating and cooling than regular insulation and housewrap.