Proven Reflective Insulation – Packaged for the Homeowner

For 25 years, commercial and residential builders across the U.S. have installed ESP® Low-E Reflective Insulation — a superior product proven to drive down energy costs. Now, ESP® Low-E reflective insulation has created Simple Solution Rolls (SSR): smaller, conveniently packaged quantities of ESP® Low-E.

With Low-E™ SSR, hardware stores and independent dealers can offer do-it-yourself consumers the industry’s leading reflective insulation, which provides several key benefits:

  • • Versatile – hundreds of insulation uses: garage, appliances, water heaters, pipes and more
  • • Non-toxic, easy to handle, easy to install
  • • Stops 97% of radiant heat
  • • Improves efficiency of home heating and cooling
  • • Fire rated as Class 1, Class A

All Low-E™ insulation is manufactured in the U.S.A. from high-quality materials.

The #1 Selling Reflective Insulation – Not Available From Big-Box Stores.

Customers can only find Low-E™ SSR's through hardware stores and independent building materials dealers – never from the big-box stores. SSR's are packaged in a range of sizes and for some specialized uses:

• 16” x 25’ SSR roll • 16” x 50’ SSR roll
• 24”x 25’ SSR roll • 24” x 50’ SSR roll
• 48” x 25’ SSR roll • 48” x 50’ SSR roll
• 9’ X 7’ SSR Garage Door Kit (single car garage), foil-layered, both sides • 9’ X 7’ SSR Garage Door Kit (single car garage), one foil layer/one white aluminum layer
• 16’ X 7’ SSR Garage Door Kit (two-car garage), foil-layered, both sides • 16' x 7' SSR Garage Door Kit (two- car garage), one foil layer/one white aluminum layer
• 4’ X 11’ SSR Water Heater Jacket • SSR Pipe wrap kit

Retailers: Get started today!

There’s a simple, low-risk way for retailers to try Low-E™: The SSR Starter Kit. This kit offers a cross-section of the available SSRs, enabling the retailer to test market the product. To learn more about the Starter Kit and product pricing, or to order today, contact ESP at 1-800-289-5693 or

ESP Low-E Reflective Insulation

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